May 18, 2018

Prayer by the Guardian unto the Most Exalted One [the Báb]

-- provisional translation by Joshua Hall

Our Lord, the Most Exalted One! We beseech Thee by the reality of Thy blood spilt upon the dust to answer our supplication, to shelter us in the bosom of Thy care and protection, to send down upon us the rains of Thy grace and benediction; and to aid and assist us in walking on Thy path, cleaving unto the bond of Thy love, establishing the validity of Thy proof, spreading abroad Thy writings, resisting the evil of Thine enemies, acquiring Thy virtues, and proclaiming the Cause of Him Who is Thy Beloved, the All-Glorious, for Whose sake Thou didst sacrifice Thyself and in the path of Whose love Thou didst desire naught else but martyrdom.

Help us, O Well-Beloved of our hearts, the Most Exalted One! Fortify our strengths, make firm our steps, forgive us our faults and pardon us our sins. Let loose our tongues in Thy praise and glorification. Adorn our deeds and endeavors with the crown of Thine acceptance and good-pleasure, and grant that our lives’ end be such as Thou hast ordained for the devoted amongst Thy creatures. Bring us into the precincts of Thy mercy, grant that we step over the threshold of the light of Thy nearness and be gathered among them that have drawn nigh from amongst Thy loved ones. Destine for us, moreover, that we stand before Thee and be overcome by the intoxicating wine of Thy presence. Grant, then, that we forever abide in the gardens of Thy holiness and that we be provided with every good Thou hast ordained in Thy kingdom, O Thou Solace unto the Worlds!
(From the Lawh-i-Qarn)